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P. Roberts Sauces Started in Pittsburgh in 1871 when Paul J. Roberts took to bottling his Irish mother’s “Brown Sauce” recipe. Brown sauce is a traditional Irish sauce, with ingredients such as tomatoes, molasses, dates, apples, spices and vinegar. After a few years of mediocre sales, Roberts was introduced to Bar-B-Q sauce while travelling, and immediately set to work incorporating a line of said sauces in 1886 under the name “Sauceworc” for the heavy use of Worcestershire Sauce.

The Barbeque line of sauces were a runaway hit, and aside from a short stint during WW2 when the Sauceworc factories were converted to assist in the war effort, production has increased in every subsequent year. The Sauceworc’s company was well known in the Pittsburg area “Squirrel Hill”, having contributed to the name with a giant Saucworc Squirrel advertisement that became a neighborhood symbol. Squirrel Hill residents protested in 2008 when a housing company proposed demolishing the building sporting the 1950 hand-painted squirrel. Ultimately, the building was demolished.

Sauceworc was privately held until its incorporation in 1901. The company continued to be led by the Roberts family, with Paul Roberts Jr as CEO followed by his son Miles Roberts until 1983 when Josh Browning was appointed as CEO. Browning set out to modernize the brand, changing the name to “SauceworX” and introducing a line of sweet sauces. Today, the Sauceworx company and sub-brands account for over 3000 products including from sauces, sweet sauces, marinades and coffee syrups.

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